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Methods of Filling Hard Gelatin Capsules v3.0
Source PCCAL, University of Bath
ISBN: 1 84211 018 8
Versions Available Internet
Programmer Andrew Relf
Subject Specialists Dr. Steve Moss, Prof. Peter Redfern

Screen shot from the package
Produced from the Capsugel brochure : "All about the Hard Gelatine Capsule"

The package covers all the operations performed by different types of filling machine in the delivery of a variety of fill materials to hard gelatin capsules, along with some general information applicable to the filling operation.

The aims of the package are:

  1. To show, with the aid of animations, the operation of a number of different forms of filling machine.
  2. To provide a knowledge of how different types of fill are administered to hard gelatin capsules.
  3. To provide a basic understanding of the capsule filling process.


Filling of Liquids
Filling of Powders
Filling of Pellets
Filling of Tablets
Capsule Specifications
Capsule Defects