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Drug disposal project in Australia

Aug 19

Monday, August 19, 2019  RssIcon

Grace says " We were recently featured in the AJP:

We are lucky at the moment our pharmaceutical supplier CHS/Sigma is working with us on a few small projects such as setting up a polystyrene recycling system, taking back some packaging and reusing it.

Unwanted medicines in Australia are ideally handed back to pharmacists in the community where they are placed in special bins that are taken away for closed incineration. It’s called the RUM (Returned Use of Medicines) Program and it’s free:
Unfortunately many consumers continue to discard medicines in their normal landfill bins so there is still a need to raise awareness about this service. I was interviewed by ABC Radio Australia recently on this very topic, it will be out as a podcast in October."

For more information on Pharmacists for the Environment Australia, visit their Facebook page: